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Large Aussie Farm Sold | Western Producer

Clifton Hills Station stretches from Queensland into South Australia and is home to around 20,000 head of cattle.

Previously owned by a partnership of a number of shareholders, Clifton Hills has been bought by Australian beef farmers Viv Oldfield and Donny Costello of Crown Point Pastoral Company.

The farm boasts a central homestead hub, multiple roads, airstrips, 24 sets of steel trucking yards, six flowing bores, and a large selection of farming equipment.

Although the final price has not been revealed, the entire lot was previously listed for sale with a price tag of AUS$50 million.

In the past large farms in Australia have more commonly been purchased by investors from China, Japan, Russia and the United States.

Oldfield is well-known in the racing industry as a horse trainer and he also owns properties in Australia’s Northern Territory and South Australia. He also owns Tanami Transport, an outback trucking business.

Clifton Hills Station dates back to 1878 and covers 4.07 million acres. As a comparison, Vancouver Island is about 7.7 million acres. Prince Edward Island is about 1.4 million acres.

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